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Shabbat Services Every Saturday at 11 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Summary

  • We believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as the promised Messiah for all humanity.  
  • We believe in his first coming as a baby born in Beit Lechem, which was prophesied throughout the Torah and the Tenach and explained in detail in the Brit Hadashah. (New Covenant)
  • We believe his death was also foretold in the Tenach and that in dying Yeshua provided a kipporah (a covering) for sin for those who believe through faith in him. By his wounds we are healed, and we have peace that is even beyond our ability to understand!
  • We believe that Yeshua broke the power of sin and death when he was raised from the dead, and that his coming at the end of days (see Isaiah 2, Micah 4) will finally bring peace to the earth. Yeshua and His grace is our only hope for removing our sin.
  • As Messianic Believers we also desire to maintain a Jewish lifestyle, showing our belief in Elohim, the God of Abraham, as the only one true God.
  • We believe God set the cycle of special days and festivals given in the Bible and that they are to be lived out for as long as we are on earth. The only reason to do this is because God asks us, and tells us that it is right and heathy for us to live this way.  This lifestyle teaches again and again the story of salvation and brings God’s faithfulness alive in a meaningful and understandable way.  It also allows us to pass on to the next generation the story of the Messiah, our hope in Him, and His great love for all peoples, including you!